Why Hire A Private Investigator

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Private investigators are becoming more and more common, and this industry keeps on widening the services it provides. They are rising to a more preferred option in investigating different kinds of cases such as a cheating spouse, or seeking justice to various forms of fraud. The work may keep the investigator awake through sleepless nights but in the end, the results may be worthwhile. Business benefit For some businesses, it is important to perform background checks on employees before recruiting them into the company.

17 February 2015

Collaborative Law as an Alternative Route to Divorce

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Divorce settlements do not have to be adversarial. Collaborative law offers an easier alternative to divorce settlements. Collaborative practice is simply a respectful dispute resolution method between parties who want a private, open and honest negotiation.  It is a fairly new practice in Australia, and it seeks to help couples resolve their settlements disputes without going to court. Divorce lawyers are still involved in the process; however, the parties agree not to threaten each other with taking the matter to court.

27 January 2015

What Are My Rights & Responsibilities to Step-children Following a Divorce?

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It can be extremely difficult for step-parents who have adopted non-biological children to work out their rights and responsibilities to continue a relationship with these children. If you are going through a similar situation, here are some of the factors that should be considered. Did the children get adopted by the non-biological parent? If the children have been adopted by the step-parent then they are legally that child's parent, regardless of the biological relationship or the state of the relationship between the parents.

23 January 2015

Understanding Harassment Restraining Orders

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If you are being harassed by another person, you have the power to stop this harassment. One of the legal ways to exercise your right is to hire a restraining order lawyer. The following is an overview of what a harassment restraining order is all about. What is a restraining order? A restraining order is an official command given by a court of law to a person ordering them to stop doing certain activity.

20 January 2015

DIY Immigration Visa Application In Australia


Australia, like most developed countries, is often short of skilled persons in various professions. Some of the occupations on high demand include IT professionals, nurses and accountants among others. This creates numerous opportunities for foreigners to apply. As an applicant, you may want to by-pass the rigorous process of looking for an immigration agent. You could also be looking for a way to make a saving. The DIY kit is simple and straightforward, and you can make the application yourself.

9 January 2015

Staying on After Your Graduation: How to Evade the Pitfalls

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One benefit of undergoing studies in Australia is that following the completion of your degree, you may qualify for a permanent residency citizenship through one of a number of visa categories. If a graduate student returns to their mother country, they can apply for a suitable skilled migration visa offshore. However, applying from onshore which means applying while still in Australia is usually a better alternative, given than graduating students do qualify to apply for one of three visa types purposely set up to assist them stay in Australia once they graduate.

6 January 2015