Legal Matters Handled By Solicitors

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When you need legal help that doesn't involve going to court, a solicitor may be your best option. Unlike barristers, solicitors don't make their living arguing cases in front of a judge, but they are still highly trained legal professionals versed in civil and commercial law. Here are some of the legal matters that they can help you resolve. Debt Recovery -- If you are a business owner who wants to recover a debt from a client,  a solicitor can help secure what's due.

2 July 2015

Services You Can Get From an Immigration Lawyer

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Whether you're a citizen or permanent resident who wants to marry someone out of the country, or you're a student from abroad attempting to obtain a visa to study in Australia, immigration lawyers in your area can offer you a number of services to meet your needs: Partner Visas -- Immigration lawyers can help you obtain a partner visa, whether your partner is of the opposite gender, or of the same-sex.

12 June 2015

Dealing With Drug Charges In Australia: What The Prosecution Must Prove

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Recent studies have suggested that Australia has one of the world's most serious drug problems. As a result, penalties for selling or trafficking of a controlled drug can be quite serious. For example, selling or trafficking of even 1 gram of heroin, cocaine or any amphetamines can result in $5,500 and/or 2 years in jail if the conviction is dealt with in local courts or $220,000 and/or 15 years in jail if the conviction is dealt with in district courts.

19 May 2015

Understanding Power Of Attorney for Property

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Power of Attorney is an official document that gives legal authority or privilege to an individual who is known as an attorney or representative to act on behalf of another who is known as the principal. The appointed attorney or representative can act on behalf of the principal in economic dealings, including signing checks, purchasing or selling real estate or banking. In this case, the attorney's signature is lawfully effective to the same degree as if the principal has appended their signature on any document.

21 April 2015

How To Provide For Your Pet When Creating A Will

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It's common knowledge that preparing a will is an important task to attend to while you're still fit and able. Making sure that your assets and money are left to the people you love is the prime function of a will, but for elderly people who have pets that may survive them, a will can also ensure that their pet receives continued love and care. If you have a pet that you'd like to include in your will, there are two main things to consider.

27 March 2015

3 Reasons Why Every Buyer Should Hire a Conveyancer

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Conveyancing, or the transfer of property from one party to another, is not as easy as many people think. If you're going through this process as a buyer you would do well to consider hiring a conveyancer, no matter the price of the land and even if you're purchasing it from a friend or family member. Consider how and why a conveyancer can protect your rights through this process. 1. Property searches can be arranged

16 March 2015

Two Tips For Hiring A Conveyancing Solicitor

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Transfer of property ownership from one person to the next involves more than simply paying for the property and receiving a title deed. There are a number of legal provisions that have to be met if the transfer of ownership is to be deemed valid. Due to the complex nature of these provisions, it is advisable for both property buyers and sellers to hire the services of a professional conveyancing solicitor.

26 February 2015